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Free Printable March Madness Bracket Below for Download:

Free Printable 2013 March Madness Bracket

March Madness Overview:


College Basketball has a single elimination hoops tournament for Men's Division 1 teams. This event is held every spring and ends in the first week of April. Currently the tournament contains 68 NCAA basketball teams based on a tiered system of who plays who based on their national ratings, how they play in a previous tournament and other factors explained below. The tourney is organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and was first held in 1939 by NABC. This first March Madness tournament was the result of Ohio State University basketball coach Harold Olsen. The Bid Dance (common nickname for the playoff system) has grown to become the second biggest annual sporting event in the United States right behind the Super Bowl.  

Currently the tournament has automatic bids for the division champions for the 31 College basketball divisions and than 37 other teams are awarded bids and admissions into the tourney. These bids are determined by the "Selection Committe" on selections Sunday. The 68 teams are than grouped into 4 different regions for the single elimination tournament. 

Every team is ranked or seeded for the 4 regions and games are played at neutral sites throughout the country. After each weekend of play 3/4ths of the teams will be eliminated taking the tournameent from 68 to 64 teams to 16 (popularly known as Sweet 16) to the Final Four (4 teams) which pits the top team from each region that is left in the big dance who than play for a chance to win it all in the championship game.


2013 March Madness Tournament


March Madness is broadcasted on CBS, TNT, Tru TV, TBS, and all games can be viewed online as of 2009. If you want to fill out bracket than you must check out our march madness brackets and betting picks to win your office pool. 

How Teams Qualify for the March Madness Tournament 


The current format has 68 teams (used to be 64 teams total). The event begins in March and concludes the first week of April. 31 teams get what is known as an automatic bid for winning a miniature tournament that is played out for each and every conference in the NCAA. The only conference that does not compete in this is the Ivy League because they give their bid to the winner of the conference during the regular season. For the other 37 bids which are granted at large are determined by the selection committe on selections Sunday. The Selection committe is appointed by the NCAA and they determine where the 68 teams should be seeded and placed in the bracket. Thinking of the selection committee as those who detrmine the rankings for the teams each week is the best way for sportslynx.com clients to understand those are picking who is getting into the tournament and who is elected into the NIT. 

Different Regions in the March Madness Tournament 

The tournament is divided into four different geographic regions. 16 teams are placed into each of the 4 regions and than 4 other teams are added at the discretion of the selection committee. The overall quality of the teams are made to be as even as possible to make the event as competitve and exciting as possible. The top 4 teams are seeded in each of the different regions, the next 4 highest ranked teams are seeded into each region in the bracket and so forth until the 64 slots are filled up. 

When the tournament is down to the final four the winner of each region meets to play each other with the winner of each side meeting on a Monday for the championship game (this years National Championship takes place on April 8th, 2013. 

Typical region names are south, west, east, and midwest. 

**One thing to make a special note of that the general public does not know. The selection committee works to place teams in different conferences so that they do not meet until the regional finals. Also rematches from the regular season as well as previous years tournament games in the first two rounds (64 & 32 team rounds) are avoided when possible  

Venues for the Conference Games and Name of Rounds


Games are held at neutral sites to not give any one team a home court advantage unless it is down to the final four. If a team hosts a game at a court at least 3 times during the regular season than its considered a home court for that particular team. 

Butler who made it to the final four in 2010 ended up playing at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Each round has the following name (Note with the addition of 4 teams from 64 to 68 has added an additional first round called "The First Four": 

  1. The National Championship (Held on the Monday after the Final Four)
  2. The Final Four (held on the Saturday before the National Championship) Officially named: National Sem-Finals 
  3. Elite Eight (Regional finals) 
  4. Sweet Sixteen (Regional Semi-finals) 
  5. 3rd Round (round of 32 teams) 
  6. Second Round (Round of 64) 
  7. First Four (play in games for the additonal 4 teams vying for the tournament)


The games are all single elimination which helps for the yearly Cinderella team who magically advances beating out teams that they are underdogs to each round. 


The Additional Teams Creating the First Four

As stated earlier and created in 2011 (2 years ago) the First 4 takes the lowest at large teams vying for a bid and the bottom 4 that got automatic bids by winning a conference championship and has them play each other to make the real official bracket of 64 teams. These 4 games are the most equal seeded teams in the early rounds of the bracket and makes for a rather exciting start to the tournament and an excellent betting opportunity for teams to profit from. This does not mean that the winners go in as a 16th seed but can go as high as 10 or 11th seeds based on their regular season play. These games take place during the regular week, between the selection Sunday when they are named for the first four and the weekend immediately following. 


First Two Rounds of the March Madness Tournament

Round of 64 pits the best teams in the tournament to the lowest seeded ones for each regions. So the number 1 seed faces off against the number 16 seed, 2nd seed against the 15th seed, 3rd seed against the 14th, 4th seed against the 13, and so forth. The second round of games are played on the Thursday that follows the first four round written about above. The other 16 games are played on the Friday after the Thursday. When the first round is complete there will be 32 teams left. 

The next round of play (used to be the second round now 3rd if you count first four) is played on the next Saturday and Sunday following the Thursday & Friday games. This consists of 8 games being played on Saturday and Sunday. With each team getting a days worth of rest. After this round is complete the sweet 16 is created as there are only 16 teams left.  

The second weekend of tourney games starts up and whittles the contenders down from 16 to the elite 8. The four regional semi final games are played on a Thursday with the other four being played on the following Friday. Once these games are completed we are than down to the last four contenders also known as the Final Four. 

The winning team for each region makes it to the Final Four and plays in the National Semi-finals which as stated above is played on a Saturday and the championship game is played on the following Monday. Usually the Final game is played in the first week of April or the very last week of March. 


The Most Wins in NCAA Tournament History?

The UCLA Bruins behind John Wooden have 11 national titels while the University of Kentucky has 8 national titles, Indiana University and UNC are in 3rd place with 5 titles and Duke University has 4. 

Final Four Betting Naming Origination

We know you have heard it the term before. Even though it wasn't an official name originally it is known worldwide now for the last 4 teams left in the bracket of 68 teams. Each regions winner will end up playing another team from their side of the bracket. The claims that the phrase Final Four was originally used as a way to name the final games of the annual high schol basketball tournament in the state of Indiana have been argued by sports writers and the NCAA. Currently the credit goes to Ed Chaley who worked for the Plain Daily a newspaper based in Cleveland, Ohio in the Official Collegiate Basketball Guide that year. From 1978 on the term stuck and eventually became a trademark for the NCAA tournament.

Cutting Down the Nets after the Regional Championship

A ritual in the tournament dating back to 1947 when NC State won the southern conference has been for the winning team to cut down the nets. The seniors start off and the underclassmen than follow suit with it ending with the head coach finishing the nets final connection with the hoop.

MVP Awards for March Madness

One player is awarded the MVP award after the championship game has concluded. However it is noted that it is officially called the most outstanding player from not the entire tournament but almost always from the team that wins the championship. This usually makes a draft candidate for the NBA that much stronger. 

It's almost here the unofficial start is this week and we want you to get your office pool together and learn how to bet march madness properly with our help.